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Eat & Enjoy

Restaurants are a great place to eat especially when it’s difficult to prepare a meal, but there’s also more to it than just food. It can be hard to make the right restaurant choices and avoid overeating, but luckily there are some tricks you can use.


Gather all the tips you need for the perfect restaurant experience.

What should I avoid ordering if I’m watching my weight?

Take a pass on fried foods and milk shakes. They are packed with calories and fat that can lead to weight gain. If you get the munchies, have a strawberry instead of ice cream or chocolate cake!

If it’s summer, dress in layers because a restaurant can be very warm inside. If it’s cold, wear light clothing and a hat so you feel like you’re at home. If it’s winter, warm up by wearing a sweater and warm socks. Also wear shoes that have good traction to avoid slipping on wet floors or icy steps.


Who should I go with?

Pick a friend who you trust and will enjoy the experience, someone who will support your goals and not try to pressure you to eat or drink more than you’d like.

What should I avoid eating if I'm watching my weight?

Don’t order high-calorie, high-fat foods, like fried onions or cheese. Instead order soup or salad with a glass of skim milk. If you’re craving sweets, have a strawberry instead of chocolate cake or ice cream. Don’t feel obligated to order the same thing your friends choose. Try new things and you’ll be able to enjoy them!

Every person is different. But one tip is always to order a salad or soup with a side of vegetables with mild tastes such as broccoli or carrots. Another trick is to include a piece of fruit or a serving of whole grain pasta in your meal with healthy sides such as roasted chicken breast, grilled salmon, mixed greens, etc.